The Beginning

IMG_2455As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to find a way to stick my foot into the fashion world. Growing up in small-town Wisconsin hasn’t exactly made that easy for me. A few years ago it might have even been impossible, but because of the internet almost anyone can find a way in.

I remember my grandmother telling me stories of when I was a child. Apparently, I used to draw pictures of clothes I wanted her to make for me for various events. I would describe details right down to the thread. She always believed I would go on to become a fashion designer one day. However, I’ve decided to take a different route (I’m not ruling the designer thing out though).

Instead, I’ve chosen to become a journalist. At least I’ve chosen to study journalism and see where it takes me. I’m still not sure which field I would like to write in exactly (I’m studying journalism, french, and environmental studies), but I have a feeling the fashion world will win me over just like it did when I was 10.

So wish me luck, WordPress world! There’s about 1 in a million chance this blog will even take off due to the vast quantity of other blogs in the world, but if she was right I am meant for this.


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