Inspiration Girl?

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The plane began boarding and a 14-year-old girl patiently waited for the other passengers to take their seats and watch her first take-off from the window seat. Although this will only be a three hour flight, her mother decided to pack some distractions for the flight. She watched as her mother opened the tote bag filled with snacks, DVDs and finally a book titled Gossip Girl.

What triggered me to start this blog actually came from the last seasons of Gossip Girl the TV show. Two characters named Blair and Dan in particular. If you watched the show you might be wondering why I didn’t choose Nate to be my inspiration (*SPOILERS* He ends up running a newspaper in the end). Well, if you are familiar with the show, you know Blair is one of the most driven characters. Most of her energy goes into performing schemes with her so-called minions, but in the end she really got it right with her mothers clothing line.

(If you haven’t watched all the seasons I would avoid reading this next paragraph!) Dan, on the other hand is a skilled writer who, from the beginning, used his essays (and blog) to influence people. Being Gossip Girl(?!) gave him more power than he even thought imaginable. Watching how someone’s writing had the ability to sway people’s opinions was remarkable. He achieved everything he wanted through his writing. I really need to go back and watch the entire series knowing he is Gossip Girl, though.

Both Dan and Blair score internships at W magazine. Dans, because he can’t find another internship and Blair because she decided her true love was for fashion magazines. I would actually kill for an internship like that! They both schemed and sabotaged more than they actual worked (Hello, this IS Gossip Girl). It was probably those episodes that really made me think about what I could do to score and internship like that.

So, as I rewatched all the seasons over the last couple of months and finally finished the series this week, I realized I needed to become as driven as Blair Waldorf to get what I want. I realized I needed to use what I know (writing, fashion, beauty) to get what I want out of life as did Dan Humphrey.

SO, I created this blog right here. Hopefully, it will become just as successful as the oh-so popular

XOXO Gossip Girl


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