Voyager Vendredi

So, I’ve decided to start a weekly series about my travels in Europe. As I am a French major, one of the most common goals is to study abroad over the course of my fours years in college. I had the pleasure of spending 4 months of my life calling Paris my home. Although I did stay in Paris for most of the time I also traveled to various other European countries.

This post will cover my last week in Paris and I will continue to post each week traveling back to my first day in the City of Love.IMG_6388The first day my parents arrived they were exhausted due to jet lag so the real trip didn’t start until Day 2. We started in the 12th and 1th arrondisements walking past Le Bastille and walked down Rue de Rivoli until we reached Hôtel de Ville. We walked a little farther towards Le Louvre museum and Le jardin de Tuileries.IMG_6391The best part about Paris in the Spring (or early Summer in this year’s case) is definitely the parks and gardens. The flowers begin to bloom and the fountains spray water everywhere. Nothing beats grabbing a bottle of wine, a blanket, and a baguette to share with friends on one of Paris’ rare sunny days.IMG_6394You will definitely never forget your first glimpse of le Tour Eiffel. It still baffles me how the French hate it. It was meant to be torn down after the world’s fair, but they left it standing. The government saved it by turning the tower into a radio tower for the war. It eventually helped them win. WOO Tour Eiffel!IMG_6411 IMG_6487 IMG_6519 IMG_6555 IMG_6604Oh, Versailles. This was my second time visiting and I still can not understand this place. The rooms, the gold, the mirrors. And don’t forget the gardens. They are, in my opinion, the best feature of the palace. They basically go on for days. If you ever have the pleasure of being at Versailles, be sure to pay the extra amount to go in. It will be worth it.IMG_6618Although I had already been living in Paris for four months, this night was the first time I ever went up the tower. We decided to go at night to see the city in a different…light.IMG_6624Oh, the twinkling!IMG_6857We decided to go up the towers at Le Cathédrale Notre Dame. You get a pretty good view of the city, actually. I recently watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame and it’s kind of hilarious how they put the towering Cathedral in the background of all the shots. The gargoyles were pretty accurate, though.IMG_6896The photo on the right is me standing on Le Point Zero. It is said, if you stand on this spot, which is supposed to be the center of Paris, you will eventually come back.IMG_7055Lovers come to this bridge – called “The Love Lock Bridge” – to lock their eternal love on the bridge then throw their key away never to be found. This is my mother and my step-dad. Aww.IMG_7099 IMG_7103Ladurée. Need I say more? I think one of the things I will miss the most is French pastries. They just really know what they’re doing. Macarons, Éclairs, Croissants, Madeleines, and Pain au chocolat. If anyone knows a good place to get French pastries in the U.S. please let me know!IMG_7151My last look at Paris from l’Arc de Triomphe. Au Revoir ma cherie.



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