Voyager Vendredi: Roma

Before my parents came to visit me in Paris I had a week of finals. Before that I had a 2 week SPRING BREAK. Yes, this was the first spring break as a college student where I actually traveled. No, it was not your conventional spring break. I think I went out a max of 3 times over the course of the two weeks.

As This travel series is a look backward, I will start with the ending portion of my trip which is Rome, Italy. It was an amazing city filled with history and architecture (I was mostly excited for the food). And this was the only hostel pub-crawl-tour-thing I went on during my 4 months in Europe! Very exciting.

I think I was most excited for the pizza (however, I will say the best pizza I had was in Belgium – it was italians making the pizza, but still), but I came away loving gelato.

It was just me and my friend Lindsey for this final leg of our journey, and I think we hit all the important touristy spots. I think my favorite thing to do is to wander around cities and try my best to — “do as the Romans do” lol. What I mean to say is, I like to try to learn what a culture is about and adapt, at least as much as I can over a short 4 days.

I think the fashion of Italians inspired me because the activity that took up most of our time was shopping – which I am not angry about.

But, anyways. First Stop! Trevi Fountain

SAM_2931 SAM_2936So, we found this fountain in the plaza of the Pantheon. I see rapid dolphins, anyone else?

SAM_2949 SAM_2952 SAM_3000Ruins we so frequent by the end of the four days it almost seemed like there were no other buildings.SAM_3038The inside of the Colosseum — I feel like it’s not going to last much longer under good conditions. So, if you want to see it with your own eyes I’d hastily book a ticket to Rome.SAM_3052There was a kitty — Romein’ around inside. (Did you see what I did there?SAM_3193Finally, we made it to St. Peter’s Basilica inside Vatican City. We got there after it supposedly closed at 5 and when we left they were still letting people in. So, if you ever go I’d advise going at that time. There was no wait to get inside, but it was crazy crowded inside the Basilica and the wait to get out was hell.SAM_3165SAM_3142IMG_2713And I will leave you with my Instagram outside the colosseum with Lindsey creepin’ in the background. Follow me @ashleylberg if you wanna see more of dis.

And until next Friday … Arrivederci!


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