Voyager Vendredi: Barcelona

Barcelona is probably one of my most favorite cities in Europe. We visited in the middle of April, so it wasn’t extremely hot when we went. Just the right temperature. It’s funny how traveling just a few miles (or kilometers)

South of France you can run into a completely different culture. The vibe of Barcelona is about a 180 degree turn from Paris. The people are friendly – even though I would speak to them in broken spanish when that isn’t even their first language! Barcelona is found in an area of Spain called Catalonia. Currently, they are trying to separate themselves from the rest of the country and create their own. So, instead of Spanish being their first language, they speak Catalan. It’s similar to Spanish, but not enough that it seemed like I knew what I was talking about.

If i had the chance I would definitely return to this amazing city. There is a limitless amount of history hidden throughout the city. If you have never heard of the artist Gaudi, you should look him up. He basically took over the city and created numerous structures and parks – including la Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell.

Again, the food here was nothing to complain about. I’m big into Spanish Tapas as well as Sangria which was plentiful in Barcelona.

SAM_2554 Oh, the Mediterranean Sea! After this step into the water I had touch the Pacific, the Atlantic, and finally Mediterranean!SAM_2565SAM_2594Out first stop on the Gaudi train was Park Güell. This park was HUGE. I am telling you. Luckily for us, we made it to the park right before they decided to charge admission. The day we visiting was unbearably hot, so we didn’t stay long – to the beach instead!SAM_2595SAM_2612SAM_2670SAM_2674SAM_2683SAM_2699The next day we decided to hit up la Sagrada Familia. This church/cathedral (?) is gigantic. The inside was just finished before we arrived, but they’ll still be working on the outside – for a projected 30 years. I guess I’ll just plan my trip back for then…SAM_2771SAM_2796The way the stained glass lit everything inside – just glorious.SAM_2729One of my favorite places I ate at in Europe. Lindsey and I both ordered a spicy veggie burger – and we were not disappointed. Along with some fresh cut fries, it was the perfect meal to end our day lounging on the beach and our stay in Barcelona. Until next Friday…. Adéu!


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