Voyager Vendredi: Paris Part 1

So I barely remember the last time I uploaded a blog post to this site, but I’ve decided to start it up again as my New Year’s resolution! As I have not finished recounting my time abroad, I thought I would jump right into a day trip I took with a few of my friends to visit La Château de Vincennes. Luckily for us, this castle sits only a short metro ride away as the last stop one the 1 line.      SAM_3353SAM_3354SAM_3380Surprisingly we chose a day when it wasn’t raining to visit the château which is a feat in and of itself. We didn’t actually tour the inside of this castle, but instead chose to roam around the grounds due to the beautiful weather.SAM_3359SAM_3366SAM_3368     The same day my friend Lindsey and I decided to buy a bottle of wine and/or champagne to drink on the steps of Sacre Cœur as it was going to be one of the last chances we could do it! Montmartre is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Paris. The view from the top of the hill out across the city is breathtaking. The neighborhood would even be better if it wasn’t filled with tourist traps. But maybe that just adds to its charm?SAM_3382SAM_3385SAM_3386SAM_3390(Don’t mind the large gun behind us. They tend to walk around the city to let us know we’re safe)

Finally, I just had to take a picture of my first try as escargot that night. Our entire 13-person program decided to go out to dinner as it was going to be our last time all together. Some were heading back to the U.S. soon while others were traveling to other places in Europe.SAM_3391

P.s. Love escargot and I will definitely be getting them again.


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