Voyager Vendredi: Paris Part 2


So, I just realized this post basically covers half of Paris, but I wanted to show you all the highlights from my April in Paris. The month was beautiful. The weather finally started to warm up, the flowers began to bloom, and I could finally go sightseeing without freezing my legs off. IMG_2353For my Contemporary France class we took multiple field trips to learn more about the city. This trip took us to the oh so beautiful Hôtel de Ville. These are just a few shots inside the building. IMG_2398 IMG_2401 IMG_2404They finally turned on the Saint Michel fountain! What a celebration. IMG_2406 IMG_2407Watching the children play with the sailboats in the Luxembourg Gardens was so cute. They would always get so excited to be the one to push it back in the water. IMG_2412Yet another fountain, however, this one is a bit smaller and resides in the Place de Vosges. When it’s sunny in Paris you take advantage and head out to a nice garden/park/anywhere there is grass to sit and eat a baguette and/or drink some wine to your hearts desire. Watching the babies play is also a form of entertainment. So cute! (Does anyone else think French babies are cuter than American babies?…)IMG_2419After some time in the sun, we decided to get our American on. Margaritas, fries, and guacamole for two please! P.s. if you’re in Paris and missing home Indiana is a great place to look. There’s plenty of them around Paris and they have definitely stepped up their American food game. IMG_2590 IMG_2591Oh Bastille. Some know it as the “Golden Angel in the sky”. I spent a lot of time in this neighborhood and one day realized I never took a picture of it because it seemed so ordinary to me. It’s sad how much beauty is missed only because it’s seen so often. IMG_2592My first stop at Ladurée on La Champs Elysées. NOM Macarons IMG_2593 I saw La Madeleine for the first time in April. I also lived about 3 blocks away from it…. I moved in n February. I’m a terrible tourist. IMG_2602We made a stop at the oh so famous Love Lock Bridge. It’s crazy how many locks there are on this thing. There’s also another bridge closer to Notre Dame called the Lust Lock Bridge. Choose your bridge wisely…IMG_2608Days like this were so few during my time in Paris. The weather was really off that season so when the weather granted us a day like this one everyone (and I mean everyone) took full advantage of it. Why not lounge in the Tuileries with a great view of Place de la Concorde? IMG_2612Finally, the Statue of Liberty. Yes, there is another one. Yes, it is much smaller and a bit out of the way in Paris. Still beautiful. If you take a boat tour, there’s a beautiful view of the Statue with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Ah, countries in unity!IMG_2635Seeing these pictures back makes me miss this city more than anything. Basically counting down the days until I graduate so I can book my ticket back asap.

Au revoir!


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