Voyager Vendredi: Rouen


Our study abroad program in Paris had a few different trips and excursions scheduled over the course of our four months. One of the places we visited was Rouen, a city in the north of France. The city was very beautiful and the architecture was noticeably different than that in Paris or the architecture in the south of France.

Rouen is probably most famous for being the place of execution of the famous Joan of Arc. The statue below is a tribute to the famous war commander. (I had no idea that she was executed there until our tour guide told me – oops.)

IMG_2509Oh god. The architecture makes me feel like I’m in a real life disney movie (maybe The Beauty and the Beast?) I’m not sure, but I love how all the buildings looks. In one word: quaint.IMG_2513This clock is called Le Gros Horloge. It is an astronomical clock that not only tells times, but also stuff about the sun, moons and stars!IMG_2520I don’t remember much about the Notre Dame Cathedral of Rouen, but I do know that it was built and rebuilt many different times starting in the 1200s. That is why you can notice different styles in its construction. (It was even under construction when we visited.)IMG_2523IMG_2524IMG_2528IMG_2531IMG_2532IMG_2536IMG_2537This house is just leaning. I do not understand – but I love it!(and they built the windows in straight. Hilarious.IMG_2538IMG_2542Rouen really is a beautiful city! There is so much to see and learn (and the crowds are not crazy and dangerous like in Paris.) The city definitely had a different vibe than the others I visited in France which was a nice breath of fresh air. Be sure to visit!

Au Revoir!


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