Maquillage Mercredi: Guide to French Pharmacy

French Pharmacy

After spending about 4 months living in Paris, I got almost comfortable with French Pharmacies (key word: almost). The customers are always bustling and everyone is in a rush, but it is oh so worth it. Have you ever seen a French lady’s skin? Impeccable. The best deals are found at City-Pharma. A tiny pharmacy with towering aisles in the neighborhood of Saint-Germain-Des-Près. If you’re ever in the city make sure to make a stop to find these beauties.

Embryolisse Face Cream: This product has become relatively famous on the internet. This is a thick cream that creates some beautiful skin. It cured some of my serious dry skin last winter. However it is in one of those metal tubes and it split open on me after a couple months. Product ruined. It was totally worth it though and if I was back there I would definitely pick up another tube.

Bioderma Sensibio: I’ve only talked about this product like every single day. Obviously I don’t care too much for it. Seriously though, this is the bomb and I’ve said enough. Just buy it.

Klorane Dry Shampoo: This stuff really works. I love dry shampoo in general, especially for those days when I sleep in too late for class. This one doesn’t create too much of a white cast and really soaks up a lot of that scalp oil. Perfect for creating the done-undone French hair-do.

La Roche Posay Athelios Sunscreen: Another reason the French have such impeccable skin is because they use some serious sun protection. I bought this back in May and sadly my tube is nearly empty. There’s no greasy feel and is rubs in immediately. (Also I never got sunburnt while I was there. Yay sun protection!)

Bioderma Sébium: So I know I have raved about the other Bioderma. This one is the exact same, but it is targeted for oily skin rather than sensitive. If you don’t suffer from gross dry patches like me I would suggest picking this one up instead of the other! Also it smells really good so that’s a plus.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Speaking of things that smells good. Oh man I love this stuff. I ran out of my last bottle, but I plan to pick one up immediately. You can use it for pretty much anything. Need some toner? Spray. Refresh your make-up? Spray. Skin feeling congested? Spray. No reason? Just spray.

Nuxe Purifying Mask: I do have breakout prone skin, but I need to be aware that I also have dry and sensitive skin. This mask cleans out my pores without turning my face into an angry red monster. It is a white creamy texture when you apply and dries translucent when its time to wash it off. It also comes in a beautiful glass jar which makes me feel fancy on its own.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo: Did I mention I have break-out prone skin? Because I do. This stuff is like a cream/gel/serum. It’s perfect for fixing all those yucky problem areas. It says to cover all over your face, but sometimes I just like to concentrate it on my breakout areas. It really does work!


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