Voyager Vendredi: Giverny

IMG_2544The same day we traveled to Rouen, we decided to turn our bus in the direction of the little town of Giverny. I did not know before we decided to go what the significance of this place was. The artist Monet lived here in Giverny for a part of his life. He painted the scenery and the oh-so famous Japanese bridge paintings. The gardens and pond we so beautiful. I can’t imagine being here when Monet was in his prime and watching him paint all of his masterpieces! When we visited Spring was a little behind so I think we were pretty lucky to so as many flowers blooming as we did!IMG_2548IMG_2552IMG_2555IMG_2559IMG_2560IMG_2563IMG_2565IMG_2569IMG_2579IMG_2583IMG_2584IMG_2589This last shot is a view from Monet’s window. It’s crazy to think he could have sat here with an easel and painted the gardens right outside his window!



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