Maquillage Mercredi: Winter Polishes

IMG_2227I’m a big fan of nail polish, especially cooler tones. During the winter months I tend to wear Holiday colors, sparkles, and dark tones. In the Spring I gravitate towards pretty much exclusively pastel colors.

I think all these colors work in the winter months and still manage to lift spirits with a bit of sparkle and shine.

Essie’s For the Twill of it is a beautiful duo-chrome that looks like a slate normally, but it transforms into purple or green in different lights. This is a newer purchase of mine and although it came out way back last fall, it is just a new love of mine. Urban Outfitter’s Crowded is a pastel purple that I gravitate towards anytime I can’t decide what color to choose. I love that it has more blue tones rather than pink. Next is Essie’s Beyond Cozy. I’ve never used a glitter that covers the nail as well as this one. In two coats it is completely opaque without becoming too clumpy – something very rare for glitters. I’ve had Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos is the perfect spring and summer color. I’m not sure there’s a better color to match with tanned skin than this baby. It lies somewhere between blue and green, but it’s still warm enough to be different than mint. Zoya’s Storm is another one of my favorite glitter polishes. This polish is opaque black with specks on silver scattered throughout. It’s especially beautiful for a night out! Sephora by OPI’s Frankly, I Don’t Give A-Dam is the perfect concrete gray. Shades from white to black can be worn anytime of the year and that is why this polish is perfect for a transition between winter and spring! Finally, Essie’s Stylenomics is a dark dark green color. I love wearing almost-blacks anytime of the year, but this one give a nod to the green that is soon to come!


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