Voyager Vendredi: Lyon


Beautiful city, terrible weather. My favorite part about leaving Paris is experiencing a completely different vibe. The architecture, the people, the atmosphere. Everything is different. Sometimes the bustle of big city life is a bit too much to handle. On days like those we took our Eurorail passes to another city and explore. This time, we headed south to Lyon.


I think one of the most notable characteristics of Lyon is the colorful buildings. You will not find beautiful red tones like these in Paris.

IMG_2433IMG_2434IMG_2445IMG_2448IMG_2450IMG_2458IMG_2470IMG_2476IMG_2477IMG_2494I have a love-hate relationship with cobblestones. They have so much character and exceptionally beautiful. However, if you ever feel like wearing stilettos beware. It has always baffled me how European models survive walking on roads like this.IMG_2502IMG_2505IMG_2506I would definitely recommend visiting this city if you find yourself in France. It is definitely a nice break from the bustling city life of most other commonly-visited places.

Au revoir!


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