Voyager Vendredi: Château Fontainebleau

SAM_3219One day when the weather was looking up my friend Chloe and I decided to take a trip to Château Fontainebleau. Most people are familiar with the Château Versailles outside of Paris, but there are many others near the city. With a Metro pass you can take the train out of Paris for a short ride until you turn up in a small town, the home of Le Château Fontainebleau.SAM_3217SAM_3222SAM_3280SAM_3271

Sometimes I just think it is crazy that anyone actually lived in a place like this. It is just too beautiful! I can’t even imagine waking up to views and rooms like these.


We only stayed on the Château gardens, but the land continued far into the distance.


There were swans in the fountains! It seemed like they were fed pretty often because they were definitely looking for some treats from us.


We even got to witness some fighting and chasing! Swans are actually quite scary when they want to be.


I think the babies were my favorite. They were all grey and it really reminded me of the ugly little duckling who turn was sad and then grew up to become a beautiful white swan! So cute.


There was a man offering carriage rides. We decided on a photo shoot with the nice horses instead.

I’m so happy the weather was cooperating that day because we really took advantage of it. If you love history and French castles I would definitely recommend visiting it!


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