Livre Lundi: 1Q84

So I decided to start another blog theme talking about books and literature! I’m really excited about this. I read a lot over winter break and I’ve recently been getting into audible to listen to books. I don’t have a lot of time during the school year to read for fun (even though I still do) so I’ve been listening to some books while I walk to class or when I’m at work! The first book I decided to talk about is the huge novel 1Q84 by Huraki Murakami.

I’m a big reader and I am especially into science fiction/fantasy/mysteries. This book had a little bit of all of that which really intrigued me. Each chapter switches between the perspectives of the two main characters Aomame and Tengo (who do not cross paths until deep into the novel). In the beginning, the book doesn’t seem too interesting – it just follows the everyday lives of the two characters  – not until you find out Aomame is a trained assassin, anyway. Tengo’s story is not so exciting from the beginning, but he is ghost-writing a book called “Air Chrysalis” to win a writer’s prize for a girl called Fuka-Eri. Eventually, small changes in the fabric of reality begin to build up and that is really when the party starts. I’m talking two moons, little people, and an air chrysalis.

I loved the entire book because I was looking forward to an ending that wrapped every question I had into a neat little bow. Unfortunately for me this was not the case. Let’s just say I had no idea te book even ended until there was no more to read. If you need closure and answers to any burning questions you have inside of you  I would not recommend this book for you. I don’t think there is a book that left me waiting for answers quite like this one.

I really wish the ending was different because I could give this book an outstanding review, but alas, I cannot – unless you can push through the 900 pages and find yourself without any concrete answers, that is.


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