Voyager Vendredi: Champs-Elysees Theatre

The program I studied abroad with offered some seats to the Orchestra des Jeunes with Gustav Mahler. I don’t know much about the orchestra, but I do know that they were German and that they were amazing! I’d never been to a professional orchestra concert before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I used to be in band myself when I was in high school (I played the flute!), but that was the extent of my knowledge. It felt so fancy inside the theatre. We all dressed up and were led to out own tiny box to watch the performance. IMG_2284The theatre was enormous and beautiful. It amazes me that buildings like this are still in use rather than set aside as its own tourist attraction.IMG_2282IMG_2283IMG_2286IMG_2288IMG_2289IMG_2290IMG_2292IMG_2293IMG_2294Even the outside of the theatre is grand. All of the architecture and sculpting is just amazing.IMG_2296And finally, a view of the Eiffel Tower outside the theatre. The perfect ending to a wonderful evening at the orchestra!


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