Maquillage Mercredi: February Glossybox


I think I get a little too excited each month when I receive the shipping confirmation email about my Glossybox. It’s not my failt though, it’s just like having a monthly Christmas rather than an annual one! This beauty box was exactly what I needed as midterm are bogging me down. What a better way to cheer me up than new beauty products to try! I think January’s box still takes the cake for me, but I did like this box as well. The theme of this box is the month of looooove. I’m a bit cynical about the month of love, but if there is anything that can make me happy it is beauty products!IMG_2294Alright so what’s in the box!

Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier $24: This is the first thing that caught my eye when I opened my box. I am obsessed with Pureology products, but I don’t really have any products on hand most of the time. This one is meant to be put on damp hair before styling. It has a multitude of benefits including priming and protecting hair. I know this is meant for color-treated hair, but I plan to use it regardless. I really hope it smells just as good as their shampoos!

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer $11: I’m not sure if Glossybox new about my late nights studying, but I know these eye patches will be used immediately. I tend to neglect treating my eyes even though they should definitely be high on my ‘problems list’. When my second batch of midterms come around I will be getting at best 6 hours of sleep per night (on a good day) so these bad boys will definitely come in handy. I’ve never used something like this before, so it will definitely be a pamper sesh!

Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift $49: Being 21 I don’t usually need to worry about wrinkles just yet, but who ever said being proactive was a bad thing? In addition to fighting wrinkles it boasts targeting dark circle – which I definitely do have. For the $49 price tag this stuff better do exactly what it says. Like I said, I tend to neglect the eyes, so if I see results maybe I’ll become obsessed with all things eyes!

Lauren B Nail Couture in City of Angels $18: Oh my god. This product is beautiful. I’ve used light pink polishes before, but never have I used one so smooth and pigmented at the same time. My nails are opaque with two coats of this stuff. I am seriously already obsessed with this brand. Along with being a bad ass nail polish, this brand is vegan-friendly, and free of nasty chemicals. A win-win in my opinion.

Sumita Beauty Kala Color Intense Pencil $15: I tried out this product for a night out this weekend and it does. not. budge. This actually turned out to be so true that it became a problem. I got a little crazy under my eyes and wanted to clean it up with some Bioderma and it took forever to budge! I’m not too big on pencil liners, but It’s nice to have if I’m feeling a smoky eye for an evening out.

All in all I give this box a thumbs up, just not as big a thumbs up as last months. I am most excited for the nail polish and the Pureology hair treatment. I do think that this box was definitely worth the price as the total is around $95! What. Sometimes I don’t understand how Glossybox can afford to give me all these products when I’m only paying $21/month.

Until next time!


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