Voyager Vendredi: Belgium

IMG_2170A few people I studied abroad with an I decided to make a weekend trip to Brussels! The main attraction of the weekend, however, was the crazy party called Sensation. You can see a shot I took at the concert/rave/party above. This was not until Saturday, though so I shall start with my arrival in Brussels. Lindsey and I arrived a day before the rest of our friends so we had the pleasure of finding our hostel. In the rain. Usually this is not a problem. Unfortunately for us, Belgium speaks French, Dutch and English. Some people speak multiple, others only speak one. This in addition to the fact no one we knew had heard of our hostel created quite the challenge for us.

We stayed at the Auberge des Trois Fontaines. I’m not sure if I would recommend this hostel or not. 1. It is on the very outskirts of the city. I mean the metro does not reach all the way there. Hence the problem with the rain and walking etc. 2. This hostel is not only a hostel, but also a YMCA type building. There were teams of children playing soccer, adults playing racquetball, volleyball, and other sports in the main building. 3. There was a cafe/bar built into the building. Two of the beers I tried are below. The raspberry one was especially delicious! (I’m gonna say #3 is a plus.)

We were starving and needed food ASAP. We found a little Italian restaurant on the corner of  Chausée de Wavre and Boulevard de Souverain. I don’t think I could recommend a restaurant more. I had a four cheese pizza and it might have been my favorite pizza I had while in Europe (and yes, I went to Italy). If I haven’t persuaded you enough, we went their twice over the weekend.IMG_2145IMG_2156The next day we decided to take a look around Brussels. Obviously, we needed to stop for some authentic Belgian fries and waffles (gaufres in french). And yes, they were just as delicious as you are imagining.That night we went to look for somewhere to eat, Unfortunately we got stuck in a tourist trap and the food was mediocre, so I didn’t take any pictures. The views at night were spectacular though.  IMG_2153IMG_2154IMG_2155After some bad dinner, we improved our game when it came to drinks. First we went to a bar called Delirium Cafe. They post a menu of over 2,000 beers. Yes, that is correct 2,000. We had multiple round of beer, which were all delicious of course. Luckily, all of use were fans of beer otherwise I’m not sure how it would have went.Next on our list of bars was the Floris Bar. Which was conveniently located right across the (very narrow) street. Here, we decided to give a try to absinthe. This is the kind that is illegal in the U.S. for some reason. Taking shots of absinthe is an art. First you prepare a shot of absinthe, next you place a slotted spoon on the glass and set a sugar cube on it. Next, you take a lighter to the sugar cube until it melts into the shot. Finally, you take the shot with the melted sugar inside. Unfortunately, the sugar does not mask the intense black licorice taste enough for me. On to Saturday night. Sensation was held in the neighboring city of Hasselt. Luckily, there was a free train for all Sensation goers. We boarded the train after a bit of pre-gaming and headed to the party! P.s. this party requires you to wear all white which is pretty exciting in my opinion.IMG_2157IMG_2165IMG_2169IMG_2178IMG_2184IMG_2186It was basically a crazy light show with a crazy amount of people all wearing white. I’m not sure on the exact number of people there, but I do know it was a lot. This was very fun, but I doubt I would ever go again. Staying up until 7 am and walking through the snow to get to our hostel (in shorts) is not something I want to do again. If the rave/techno music scene is your thing I would definitely look up some tickets. I know they have shows across Europe and a few in the U.S. now!


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