The All American Road Trip

Hello All!

So, I apologize for my hiatus. The end of my semester got a bit hectic, but I am finished now and ready to reboot this baby. Excitingly, I am leaving for a 2 and 1/2 week road trip in 2 days! Woohoo! Tomorrow I’m headed to a Vampire Weekend concert that has been a long time coming. I planned to go to their concert just over a year ago in Paris, but unfortunately it was rescheduled to after I was already back in the States. This concert has not yet been rescheduled or cancelled, so I think we’re in the clear!
Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.14.06 AM
I am ridiculously excited for this road trip. We’re starting in Milwaukee, WI where the Vampire Weekend concert is and then we’re straight heading to the Bad Lands in South Dakota. From there we’ll go to Yellowstone and then our first city on the trip which is Portland, Oregon. I’ve never been their before and I’m super excited for VooDoo doughnuts MMMM. Next we’ll head to San Francisco where we’ll be visiting some friends. One will tag along with us to Yosemite Park and then VEGAS, BABY! I am so so excited for Vegas (possibly because we’ll be there over my birthday!). After Vegas we’re heading to The Grand Canyon and from there Colorado to see both Denver and Boulder.

This is basically a rough overview because we have a lot of time for roaming and stopping at places we just feel like seeing. We have the opposite of a strict schedule and it makes me feel better knowing we won’t be rushing. The only place on this trip I have been to before is the Badlands, so I’m excited to see all of these new places.

This post is basically a heads up that there will be many more posts to come of my travels so get your eyeballs prepared for some beautiful American road trip pictures.

p.s. I’ve also just bought a new DSLR camera – Nikon D3200 – so be prepared for some better quality shots!


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