USA Road Trip | Days 3 & 4

DSC_0341Hello all!

So days 3 and 4 feature the beautiful Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately, day 3 was basically 11 hours of driving from Yellowstone to Seattle and there was maybe 1 or 2 pictures taken, so I’m going to lump together the 2 days. I didn’t have high expectations for Seattle, but oh my god. This city is great. The vibe, the people, Sasquatch country. This city was made for someone like me.

Day 3 evening we got to the city late, but we decided to still go out. Luckily, we stayed with our friend and she knew a bit about the city (she just moved there 2 weeks before). We went to a club and the people were CRAY dancing. It was really fun, but after driving for so long I was not at the top of my game for dancing.

When we woke up on day 4 we went straight to a farmer’s market in the Ballard district. They had so many great foods and beautiful vegetables for sale. I bought a rhubarb ginger soda which was sooo delicious. YUM! Some of my friends bought a vegetable quesadilla (I tried, also yum) and a pizza which I did not try, but looked very good.DSC_0344DSC_0349DSC_0347DSC_0350DSC_0351DSC_0353DSC_0359DSC_0360DSC_0361DSC_0363DSC_0365DSC_0368I’d like to make a confession: I am obsessed with Sasquatch. And if you know anything about Sasquatch a.k.a. ‘Big Foot’ you will know that he resides in the Pacific Northwest – Seattle. This was basically my dream. We found statues, murals, newspaper covers – all with his beautiful face on them! I may have also snagged a t-shirt and magnet pertaining to the subject of Sasquatch. He Lives!DSC_0375 IMG_2546IMG_2545If you find yourself around the Pike’s Place area I would head to the wall of gum. I have no idea how this weird thing got started, but it is amazing. Basically, it is a wall in an alley way covered in gum. All of the tourists do it – everyday. I really don’t even want to know how many pieces or hanging off of that wall. Even when I went it had a disgusting amount of layers that were melting all over into each other. And of course for your viewing pleasure I’ve added a few photos… (My piece is the apricot colored one in the middle FYI)IMG_2539Pike’s Place Market was like a farmer’s market on steroids. The most famous part of the market is the Pike’s Place fish market. If you wait long enough and decide to buy some fresh fish they tend to throw the fish around to one another and may even through the slippery fish to you in you ask. Not for me, but fun to watch! When we were there I bought a blackened salmon fish sandwich with rosemary mayo. OMG. It was delicious. Coastal seafood is disgustingly better than the ‘fish’ we get back in the midwest. We walked through a bit more and looked at all the fruits and vegetables and the home made pasta. Nom.IMG_2517IMG_2514IMG_2518Right outside the market you will find the first Starbucks store! Apparently there is always a ridiculously long line just to get into the store, I’m talkin’ down the street. Luckily, the day we went it was only to the door so we decided to go grab some coffee/pictures. It’s interesting, because everything was the same as your average Starbucks store, but a little bit different. They kept the original logo and there are a few exclusive mugs for the store if you want to pick one up!IMG_2521IMG_2525IMG_2526IMG_2523After Starbucks we bid adieu to our Seattle friend and went venturing on our own. We headed to the Unicorn. Apparently some of Macklemore’s  Thriftshop music video was filmed at this place. He’s from Seattle if you didn’t know! The place was amazing. Unfortunately you need to be 21 just to enter, so sorry to all you minors! It looked a little bit like a circus on drugs or something. Everything was candy colored and awesome. I ordered a local IPA beer with a Magical Unicorn Burger. Nom. Huge & amazing.DSC_0382 DSC_0383DSC_0384After finishing up eating we headed downstairs to another bar called the Narwhal where we heard there were some video games. I attempted to play some pinball and failed miserably. Oh well! After all the excitement from the day we decided to head to our hotel called Ace Hotel. This place was amazing. I don’t believe I have any pictures (Sorry!) but I could not recommend it more.  This probably is not an ideal place for families, but if your traveling solo/with a friend/SO I would definitely come here. It has one of the best vibes of any hotel I’ve stayed in. They feature local artists throughout the hotel and boast their sustainable lifestyle. The bathrooms are shared with other hotel guests, but they’re all private stalls (not college dorm bathrooms here). Check it out if you’re ever in the area – I hear they have a few in other cities, but this is the original.

Well, that is all from day 3 &4 I will see you again for Portland! Woop woop!


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